Badger Mountain Challenge

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6th Annual Badger Mountain Challenge


The 6th Annual Badger Mountain Challenge, held March 25 and 26, drew a record 669 entrants coming from all over the Northwest region, across the US and Canada, and from as far away as Costa Rica and Singapore.

There were 87 people who entered the 100 miler, an increase of 25 over previous years! The winner was Gabe Wishnie who came in at just over 19 hours. Cate Airoldi, the fastest woman, came in 3rd at 22 hours.

There were 67 that entered the 50 miler and 53 the 50k. The 15k at 9.3 miles which draws runners and hikers had 430 entrants with an age range of 13 years to 87 years.

The economic value estimated for this year’s Badger Mountain Challenge estimated to be approximately $50,000. This is based on how far people came for how demanding a race. The BMC also garnered international recognition by being selected this year as a qualifying race for the world famous Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc based in Chamonix, France. To enter this prestigious race, runners have to complete five qualifying events and then are selected by lottery.

Jason Reatherford is the organizer of the Badger Mountain Challenge through the Nomad Trail Runners of Eastern Washington. Scott Conrad, manager of Runner’s Sole, and Sharon Grant, on the Board of Friends of Badger Mountain, have contributed to the BMC from it’s beginning in 2010.

“The BMC puts the Tri-Cities on the map in the race community while also promoting the health and well being of everyone involved,” says Grant. “The BMC could not happen without the work of FoBM to preserve access to the ridges and create trails. This is a perfect partnership which will only grow and prosper in the years to come,” she adds.

The success of the BMC translates into donations to the Friends of Badger Mountain, the Washington Trails Association, the Lymphona and Leukemia Society (thru “Team in Training”) and also provides a local scholarship.

Here’s a huge round of applause to everyone who came out this year, whether you participated in an event or volunteered to help the event run smoothly.

Badger Mtn Challenge 15k walkers

Badger Mtn Challenge 15k walkers – Photo Provided by Rick Zimmerman

Badger Mountain Challenge 50k runners

Badger Mountain Challenge 50k runners – Photo Provided by Rick Zimmerman

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