Future Little Badger Mountain Trails

Little Badger Mountain is the next stage in our vision for a system of trails connecting four of our local ridges (Little Badger, Badger, Candy & Red). We’ve partnered with the City of Richland for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program matching grant to complete a new trail connecting the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve to the summit of Little Badger (the highest elevation in the City of Richland).

Proposed Trail

The new trail will start from the Sagebrush Trail near the eastern boundary of the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. Like the Sagebrush Trail, the new trail will meander near the edge of the ridgeline, showcasing the wonderful views to the north as the trail descends toward Queensgate Drive.

The trail will continue east through City facing slope land between two new residential developments.

The trail will then have an exciting section across the steep north face of Little Badger Mountain to a North Face Overlook in the middle of steep slope.

Purchase of Westcliffe Heights Lots 17, 18 & 19 are critical to getting off the steep north face and gaining access to the ridge top.

Next the trail will gain the ridgeline and have an exciting knife edge ridge section with precipitous slopes on both sides of the trail. The ridgeline trail will provide public access to the Summit Overlook near the water tanks at the top of Little Badger mountain.

This project is for the fee simple acquisition of approximately 80 acres of open space for a non-motorized trail corridor. The primary goals are open space preservation (sagebrush habitat), protection of City facing slope land (preserve our current view of the local ridges) and to establish public ridge top access for non-motorized recreation to the summit of Little Badger Mountain (public access to the highest point within the City of Richland).

For more information please contact David Comstock at (509) 521-8226 or dccjmb@yahoo.com