Future Little Badger Mountain Trails

Little Badger Mountain is the next stage in our vision for a system of trails connecting four of our local ridges (Little Badger, Badger, Candy & Red). The City of Richland has approved two Hotel/Motel Lodging Tax reimbursement grants for land acquisition for the Little Badger project totaling $350,000. In addition, FOBM worked with our WA State House Representatives and was able to secure a $450,000 Community Project reimbursement grant for land acquisition.

Latest Updates

January 2020

PROGRESS: In December 2019, FOBM purchased Westcliffe Heights Phase 2, Tract E, critical land to get off the steep north face and allow the trail to go up the ridge top. (SEE parcel shaded in BLUE in map to the right). Tract E complements the land the City of Richland has secured (shaded in green). The ridge trail corridor to the summit of Little Badger Mountain is now secured.

NEXT UP: At the end of February 2020 FOBM will purchase two parcels totaling about 19 acres from Viking Builders in the saddle (shaded in yellow in the map to the right).

SPRING 2020: Get ready to volunteer to build a new trail to Badger Mountain. FOBM’s spring trail project is constructing a new trail from Queensgate Drive all the way to Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve and connecting to the Sagebrush Trail. This will be the first of three trail sections constructed for the Little Badger Mountain trail system.

Project Lead Donors

December 2018 – Hanford contractor, AECOM and subsidiary Washington Closure Hanford (WCH) are the lead donors for this project with their legacy gift of $300,761 to FOBM. The donation honors the employees of the former Hanford contractor WCH for their significant achievements to clean up along the Columbia River over the past 11 years. The donation will be used to secure ridge top access parcels needed to complete the eastern potion of the trail to the summit of Little Badger. In addition, a portion of the donation will be used to start trail construction Fall 2019 and build basalt monuments in honor of the WCH employees and their Columbia River Corridor Clean Up accomplishments.

April 2019 – City of Richland Council approved $200,000 from the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund for the Little Badger Mountain Public Trail project. Public access to 3 peaks for the Tri-Cities will make Richland a regional destination for outdoor recreation. City of Richland Park Rangers interviewed almost 300 hikers at the Badger Mountain Trailhead and found 26% of hikers are from Richland, 32% are from Pasco, and 19% are from Kennewick, and 19% are from outside of Benton & Franklin Counties. This public ridge trail project will benefit the entire Tri-Cities metropolitan area and beyond.

May 2019WA State Legislature approved $450,000 in the 2019–21 Capital Budget for the Little Badger Mountain Public Trail project. Our local WA State representatives Senator Sharon Brown, House Rep. Brad Klippert, Rep. Matt Boehnke and Rep. Bill Jenkin know how important local, high quality, public hiking trails are for our community. Our local WA State representatives lead the charge in this year’s legislative session to help buy land for the Little Badger Mountain Public Ridge Trail. Please send them an e-mail and thank our representatives for their support of this project.

Proposed Trail

The new trail will start from the Sagebrush Trail near the eastern boundary of the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. Like the Sagebrush Trail, the new trail will meander near the edge of the ridgeline, showcasing the wonderful views to the north as the trail descends toward Queensgate Drive.

The trail will continue east through City facing slope land between two new residential developments.

The trail will then have an exciting section across the steep north face of Little Badger Mountain to a North Face Overlook in the middle of steep slope.

Purchase of Westcliffe Heights Lots 17, 18 & 19 are critical to getting off the steep north face and gaining access to the ridge top.

Next the trail will gain the ridgeline and have an exciting knife edge ridge section with precipitous slopes on both sides of the trail. The ridgeline trail will provide public access to the Summit Overlook near the water tanks at the top of Little Badger mountain.

This project is for the fee simple acquisition of approximately 80 acres of open space for a non-motorized trail corridor. The primary goals are open space preservation (sagebrush habitat), protection of City facing slope land (preserve our current view of the local ridges) and to establish public ridge top access for non-motorized recreation to the summit of Little Badger Mountain (public access to the highest point within the City of Richland).

For more information please contact David Comstock at (509) 521-8226 or dccjmb@yahoo.com