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Hiking Badger Mountain

Hiking Badger Mountain: In the five years since it was established, this preserve has become a boon for Tri-Cities hikers (PDF) – a two-page article by Adam Fyall in the May / June, 2011, newsletter of the Washington Trails Association (you can visit their Web site).


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Open space advocates unveil conservation vision today

By Kathy Korengel, Herald Staff Writer

When asked why they live here, Tri-Citians rank the area’s recreational opportunities and natural beauty among their top reasons.

Those factors also often attract new businesses, said Mike Lilga, a member of the nonprofit Ridges to Rivers Open Space Network, during a meeting with the Tri-City Herald’s editorial board earlier this week.

During the past four years, […]

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Badger Mountain addition asset for entire community

Tr-City Herald

Hiking Badger Mountain has become one of the most popular outings in the Tri-Cities, thanks to a dedicated group that’s not content to wait for government action.

In an era when governments at every level are struggling just to maintain existing services, Friends of Badger Mountain has found ways for the private sector to fill some of the gap.

The group’s […]

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Badger Mountain trails great and getting better

Tri-City Herald
Dust off your hiking shoes and get to Badger Mountain. There’s a new trail to be conquered.

Those who have hiked the existing trails know going up can be a challenge. The new route offers hikers some new scenery to help make it worth the effort.

Not that it wasn’t already rewarding enough. There is no better way to take in […]

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Volunteers dig out new Badger Mountain trail

By Kevin McCullen, Herald staff writer

RICHLAND — Steve Ghan slapped a hoe into the hillside on Badger Mountain, clearing away small clumps of grass and brownish dirt to form a narrow strip inside two reddish boundary flags.

Around him, other volunteers carved out chunks of the hillside, uprooted the occasional sagebrush or tamped down dirt Sunday to carve a new multi-use […]

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Friends of Badger Mountain needs workers for new trail

By John Trumbo, Herald staff writer

RICHLAND — Jim Langdon is operating on the premise that if enough people come, it will be built.

As trailmaster for the Friends of Badger Mountain, Langdon hopes to have 100 volunteers on the mountain March 6-7 for a work party to dig about 1.4 miles of new trail.

When completed, the new segment will connect to […]

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