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Trail Blazer – Badger Mountain is a peak performance

Hikers used to the likes of trails on Mount Rainier or Mount Adams might consider Benton County’s Badger Mountain more of a molehill than a mountain. Yet many Tri-Cities residents are enjoying a “peak” outdoor experience on the 1,580-foot summit, which only recently was opened to general public use. The 1.1-mile trail constructed last year leads through the 574-acre Badger […]

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Benton OKs turning land into preserve

Hikers and nature enthusiasts can stop worrying about houses replacing the trails and shrub-steppe habitat on Badger Mountain bordering the southwestern edge of the Tri-Cities.

Benton County commissioners voted 2-1 Wednesday to set aside 574 acres along the crest and slopes of the mountain to preserve its “recreational, ecological and aesthetic values.”

Commissioner Max Benitz Jr. voted against the measure, saying he […]

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Friendly Preservation

Friends of Badger Mountain are approaching preservation in a model way: Identify a community concern, find a willing land owner, get diverse groups involved and gather grassroots support.

And Friends is tackling it in short order.

Last month, the group of Tri-City hiking enthusiasts announced it had negotiated an agreement to buy 574 acres on the crest and slopes of Badger Mountain […]

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Ridge Preservation Deserves Support

The Tri-City landscape is defined as much by the hills above as the rivers through it. Rattlesnake Mountain. Jump Off Joe Butte. Red Mountain. Flat Top. Horse Heaven. Badger Mountain. Most mornings, slanting rays of sunlight cast shadows that bring the creases and folds along the vast slopes into stark relief. In the evenings, the hills form dark silhouettes against […]

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Measure Aims to Save Open Space

By Nathan Isaacs, Herald staff writer

Benton County commissioners Monday adopted a resolution supporting efforts to preserve Mid-Columbia open spaces from development, particularly along the ridges of Badger Mountain. The resolution stops short of the county creating a Conservation Futures program, allowed under state law, but does endorse the program’s concept.

A group of hiking enthusiasts now plans to use the county’s […]

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Land Preservers

By Nathan Isaacs, Herald staff writer

A group of hikers are lobbying to preserve public access to Mid-Columbia hiking areas and to preserve open spaces, particularly along the ridges of Badger and Red mountains. They also want Benton County commissioners to consider joining the state Conservation Futures program, which protects potential public land acquisitions from development.

“As our local communities grow, it […]

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