Donor Recognition

Friends of Badger Mountain and the users of trails in the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve, Candy Mountain Preserve, and future Little Badger Mountain Trails would like to thank the contributors and members who help make possible the preservation of our ridges and the trails we so enjoy.

These lists of donors are correct to the best of our ability; to request any changes, please contact us.


Little Badger Mountain Campaign (2019-2022)

City of Richland
State of Washington – Department of Commerce
AECOM / Washington Closure Hanford
CH2M/Jacobs Engineering
Gene Weiskopf

Anonymous Donor
Barbara Fecht
Ohl Family Foundation

David and Jen Comstock
Horse Heaven Wind Farm LLC
Kadelec Regional Medical Center
REI (Recreation Equipment, Inc)
Bill and Holly Wilson
James and Celia Jamison
Jim Langdon 

Anonymous Donor
Bob and Nancy Rosselli
Steven and Pamela Doctor
Battelle/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Bechtel National, Inc.
Richard Smith and Elaine Chapman
Sharon Grant and Steve Ghan

Leslie Hatcher
Maureen Hamilton
Don Bihl and Susan Ennor
Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation
Evan and Kathy Mehlenbacher
Family of Norm and Shirley Miller
Peter and Melanie Smith
David Beach and Carol Berry
Darla Southern
Dirk Peterson
David and Emily Lippes
Jeanne Dillner
Bookwalter Winery
Brooke DuBois
Cornerstone Wealth Strategies
Richard and Janis Littlefield

Wilma Laity
Vasavi Rajagopal and Saravanan Kasthuri
Three Rivers Community Foundation
Larry and Margaret Nielson
Kevin and Renee Bouchey
Robert and Margaret Bass
Dale and Lori Lindsey
Community First Bank
Victor and Christina Gomez
Allred Charitable Gift Fund
Keith Abel
HAPO Community Credit Union

Marc Spinner
Ramer Holtan
William and Doris Barchet
David and Sylvia Harris
Steven and Terri Widergren
Paul Certa and Leela Sasaki
Dave and Becky Bechtold
Chinook Bike Club
Ed and Pat Revell
James and Catherine Fredericks
Dennis Clayton
Leigh Terrass
Bruce Napier and Judith Bumberger
John and Mary Hartman
Bob and Dorothy Hammons
Max and Diana Burns
Barbara Norris
Paul and Kay Hendrickson
E. Thomas Weber
Dennis Trimble
Arthur King and Laura Powell
Roberta Garrison
Wayne and Barbara Johnson
Bill and Carol Gurwell
Jeff Doty
Bill and Hannah Kuhn

Tony and Loni Peurrung
Chris and Laura Clemens
Robert Schuetz
Carrie Swift
Hank and Nancy Sauer
Richard Badalamente
Chris and Nancy Doran
Jim Crosslin
David and Brooke Lanigan
Vince and Jeanie Zorich
Rick and Katie Larson
Bill and Gladys Trzcinski
Sheila Moon
John and Marilyn Perkins
Pete Voordepoorte
Paul and Margie Seipt
Patrica Heasler
Inter-Mountain Alpine Club
El Rancho Reata Community Alliance
Crested Hills Homeowners Association
Roger and Kathy Willis
Greg Williams
Berta Thomas
Melissa DeHaan
Jane Abel

Wuttig Gamily
Pietro Martinelli
Rick and Carol Kerkow
Greg and Susan Duffy
Steve and Diane Goheen
Mary Peters
Richard and Nancy Richter
Terry Murphy
Trevor Kilgannon
Marcy Buck
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy
Framatome, Inc.
Mike and Linda Robinson
Monte and Janet Nail
Judy Jennings
Ken and Pam Knutson
Jerold and Richelle Wilde
Barbara Slade
Gary and Ann Roberts
John Munn
George Kyriazis and Jane Sereda
Eric and Jan Greenwell
David and Judy Hodas
Nancy Montano
Richard Jaquish
Evelyn Painter
Dave and Margaret Koppenaal
Lisa Lang and Ron Walls
Larry and Mary Thomas
Ken and Carol Moser
Marilyn Miller
Timothy Johnson
Gesa Board Hikers
James and Sheryl Paglieri
Karen J. Wieda and O. Dennis Mullen
Daniel Hansen
John Serkowski
Bill and Carol Romano
Chris Murray and Carla Chiotti

Barbara Larsen
Dale and Suzanne Heaston
Sanda Haynes
Dean and Margery Dickinson
Richard and Mary Grant
James and Denise Buelt
Nancy Homan
Roger and Claudette Stephans
Benjamin Parruzot
Kurt and Laura Hubele
Muriel Templeton
Maury White
Marlene Kingman
Don and Christine Barnes
Markus and Pat Stauffer
Brien Reep
Ethan and Kristi Nelson
The Francis Family
Jack and Cheryl Fix
Bruce Cannard
Robin Priddy
Lorri Lee
Penny Colton
Tri-City Coin & Vault
Forrest Heller
Pasco Kennewick Rotary Charitable Trust
Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities
Bike Tri-Cities 3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition
Gerald and Shirley Wodtli
James and Barbara Wise
Elisabet Van Swan
David Templeton
Deena Smith
Kimberly Sawatzke
Richard Sargent
Kent and Carol Richert
David Pfund and Megan Lerchen
Johnathan R. and Katherine N. Perry
William Pennell and Saundra Hill

Steven Palmer and Linda Waite
Erik Nicholson and Susan Dobkins
Mitchell and Nicole Myjak
Tanya Myers
Ken and Karen Miller
John and Cindy McCoy
Debbie Maier
Tom and Pat Logan
Glenn and Paula Levan
Charles and JoAnne Krause
Keith and Shelley Kennedy
Kurt Kehler
David Kaas
Aaron Holloway
Don and Ilene Hogaboam
In Memory of Terry Fernandez
Rich and Julie Hallen
Jim and Stacy Hall
Ty and Noelia Haberling
Ron and Sumalee Grant
Michael Galgoul
David and Kathy Fischer
John Cort
Ted and Sonya Bowyer
Kayle Boomer
Bhardwaj Family Fund
Mary Batdorf
Jim and Kathy Batdorf
Brian Anderson
Cameron Anderson
Viewpoint Dentistry
Tri-CU Credit Union
Paper Street Brewing Company LLC
Oasis Physical Therapy
Anchor QEA, LLC

Candy Mountain Ridge Preservation Campaign (2013-2016)

Friends of Badger Mt Board
(collective contribution)

Blalock Fund (Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund)
Maureen Hamilton

Elaine & Nate Ballou
John & Priscilla Cadwell
Ron Boninger & Patty Hruby
Jen & David Comstock
Sharon Grant & Steve Ghan
REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Deena Smith, in memory of Mark Smith
Richard Smith & Elaine Chapman

Bob & Margaret Bass
Loren Combs
Mark & Jeanne Dillner
Inter-Mountain Alpine Club
Evan & Kathy Mehlenbacher
Ken & Carol Moser
Nomad Trail Runners
Tom & Wilma Page
Tony & Loni Peurrung
Nancy & Bob Rosselli
Karen Skellly
E. Tom Weber

Rud and MaryAnn Alleman
Jim & Kathy Batdorf
Debbie & Carl Berkowitz
Donald Bihl
Max & Diana Burns
Nick Castorina
Community Unitarian Church/Alternative Gift Fair
Jill & Scott Crawford
Jim Crosslin
David Dickerman
Estate of Dean & Margery Dickinson
Chris & Nancy Doran
Brooke DuBois
Barbara Fecht
David & Kathy Fischer
Barbara French-Norris
Max & Betty Freshley
Michael Gailgoul
Bobbie Garrison
Eric & Michelle Gerber
Victor & Christina Gomez

Ron & Sumalee Grant
Bill & Carol Gurwell
Jake & Christine Hales
James Hansen
Sylvia Harris
John & Mary Hartman
Wayne & Barbara Johnson
Kees & Sheila Koster
Christopher Kramer
Wilma Laity
Richard & Janis Littlefield
McCurley Integrity Subaru
Dale McKenney
Andy Miller
Chris Murray and Carla Chiotti
Larry & Margaret Nielson
Katherine & Johnathan Perry
David Pfund & Megan Lerchen
Jason & Traci Repko
Kent & Carol Richert
Scott & Gretchen Saunders
Audrey Simmelink

Darla Southern
Marc & Linda Spinner
Starbucks Foundation
Claudette & Roger Stephens
Mark Tardiff & Theresa Mercier
Berta Thomas
Larry & Mary Thomas
Tri-Cities Community Federal Credit Union
Tri-City Dust Devils
United Way (thru annual campaign)
US Bank Foundation
Ray & Judith Warner
Steven & Terri Widergren
Friends of Chris Wollam – in his memory
2 donors who preferred not to be listed

Allen Brecke
Nancy Butler
Michele Chamness
Pamela Conrads
Richard Cummins
Tony Czebotar
Barbara Fecht
Jack & Cheryl Fix
Natalie Freeman-Cadoret
Dorothy Hammons
Rob & Milly Harris
Ranata & Dan Johnson
Charley Kincaid & Peg McCarthy
Arthur King & Lura Powell
Matt Lawrence & Katy O’Callaghan
Pietro Martinelli
David & Kit McBurney
Shea Meehan

Paul & Shirley Mellick
Ethan & Kristi Nelson
Ojeda Business Ventures LLC
Jennifer Miller Paci
Bill & Evelyn Painter
Dirk Peterson
Dick Richter
Dutch & Sharon Schmidheiser
Peter Smith
Peter & Stephanie Sowl
Marc & Linda Spinner
Muriel Templeton
View Point Dentistry
Walker, Heye, Meehan, Eisinger, PLLC
Karen Weida
James & Barbara Wise
2 donors who preferred not to be listed

Backcountry Horsemen of WA State
Dave & Becky Bechtold
Bill & Nell Cliff
Tom & Pam Conrads
Maryse Couture
Calvin & Marilyn Delegard
Frances Dernbach, MD
David Erb
Betty Grant
Mary Hartman & David Sisk
Hedges Family Estate
Carl & Kristen Imhoff
Judy Jennings
Clyde & Gretchen Makinson
Pietro Martinelli
Margaret Merrifield
Shirley Miller
Ethan & Kristi Nelson

James & Sheryl Paglieri
Dale & Susan Painter
Gary & Ann Roberts
Mike & Linda Robinson
Hank & Nancy Sauer
Kerry & Tricia Schierman
Paul & Margie Seipt
Mary Ann & Steve Simmons
Linda Smith
Susie Stenkamp
Andrew & Diana Stevens
James Utz
Elizabeth Weiss
Vince Zorich
1 donor who preferred not to be listed

Edward Allen
Patricia Ammonet
Richard Badalamente
Rebecca Bagley
Patrick & Hilda Ballweber
David Beach
Lucille Berkowitz
James Booker
Ted & Sonya Bowyer
Sky Bradley
Susan Brain
James & Denise Buelt
John & Priscilla Butterfield
Valerie Carlson
Will & Diana Carr
Steven & Meghan Chalk
Barbara Cheney
Gail Clark
Bill & Lois Clements
Ron & Elaine Cone
Adele Connors
Gary Cox
Steve & Sandy Cox
Michael Crowder
Melissa DeHaan
Davin & Heather Diaz
Melinda Didier
Melinda d’Ouville
Harold & Amy Downey
Energy Northwest
Jerome Fast
George Fearing
Jim Frederickson
John & Janice Fulton
Garden Genies Club
Brian Gartner
Richard & Mary Gies
Steve & Diane Goheen
Shannon Goodwin
David & Nanette Hachigian
Deborah Hanlen
Gretchen Harder
Lea Hawkins
Patricia Heasler
Eleanor Hedel

Thomas & Jan Henick-Kling
David & Sheila Higby
John Higbee
Dennis & Laurie Higgins
Nancy Homan
Ron & Joan Hue
Matt & Nikki Huntington
Michael & Tana Inglima
John Jaffe & Diane Molleson
Judy Jennings
Donna Johannessen
Susan & Roger Jones
Tom Kimball
Adrienne King
Anna King & Andy Plymale
Robert L. & Beverly H. Knecht
Margaret Koppenaal
Dennis & Susan Kreid
Wilma Laity
Rick & Katie Larson
Matt & Carolyn Leggett
Ann Lemieux-Brown
Dale & Lori Lindsey
Kevin Lindsey
Tanner & Desiree Lindstrom
MaRene Luckey
Clyde & Gretchen Makinson
Scott Manley
Donna Mazur
Richard & Conchita McCain
George McMichael & April Ottey
Paul & Nancy Meier
Don Miksch
Richard & Katrina Millikin
Monte & Janet Nail
Bob & Dorothea Narum
Phil & Diane Ohl
Bill & Evelyn Painter
Mary Peters
Mike & MaryLou Pickett
Russ Pogue
Kayla Pierson
Preceptor Rho Chapter XP388
Janice Roach
Gary & Ann Roberts

Loretta Rowlette
Satori Software, Inc.
Bradley & Kimberly Sawatzke
Don & LaVonne Scully
Jane Sereda
Paul & Patricia Silvernail
Barbara Slade
Peter Smith
Kelvin Soldat
Robert Sturgis
Janine Swailes
Frances Thiel
Bonnie Thompson
Jim & Alison Timmons
Tri-City Court Club
Linda Trumpour
Gladys Trzcinski
Nancy Uziemblo
Lance Vail
Max Vogel
James Wade
Craig Walker
Dennis & Wanda Walters
Steven & Lynne Washington
Jim & Wanda Watkins
Matthew Watkins
Mark Watts
Brad Wear
BA Weisbrodt
Jerry & Amy White
Jerold & Richelle Wilde
Sunny Young
Roy & Carolyn Zingmark

More than 170 donors

Adjacent Lands and Trails Campaign (2006-2012)

Rotary Club of Pasco-Kennewick

Comstock Family
Benton Conservation District
George Grant *
Shirley Lucas
Steve & Lynne Washington *
1 donor who preferred not to be listed

American Rock Products **
Carl & Debbie Berkowitz
Don Bihl & Susan Ennor
Toni & Juli Czebetar
DelHur Industries **
Francisco Figueroa
Charles & Bernice Frederick
Michael Galgoul & N Lee Prince
Steve Ghan
Ron Grant
Sharon Grant
Grant Land Company
Carol & Bill Gurwell
Maureen Hamilton
Patrick Hart *
Bill & Rebecca Kennedy

Kathryn & Gordon Knutson
Linda Li
Greg & Jennifer McCann
Paul & Shirley Mellick
Theresa Mercier & Mark Tardiff
Andy Miller *
Patsy Miller & Olaf Rasmussen
Nanci Morlan Brown
Kent & Carol Richert
Rotary Club of Pasco Kennewick
Scott & Gretchen Saunders & Family
Justin & Katrina Teeguarden
Linda Waite & Steve Palmer
Washington Group
Tom Weber
James & Barbara Wise
5 donors who preferred not to be listed

Kim Lessor & Carl Baker
Bruce Bjornstad
Allen Brecke
David Comstock
J Daria Burch & Frederick Raab
ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston Inc
Kim Lessor & Carl Baker
Steven & Carmen Fosberg
Scot Hansen
Tom & Debi Johnson
Norm & Charlotte Karin
Rik & Janis Littlefield
Louis Jensen & Donna Lucas
John Ludowise
Andy Miller
Fred & Bev Miller
Chris Murray & Carla Chiotti
Leslie O’Neil & Dennis Trimble

Evelyn & Bill Painter
Richland Adventist Church
Richard & Melvina Romanelli
Therese & Ross Ronish
S. Sergueeva & M. Pekou
Sheila Sullivan
Tapteal Greenway
Tri-City Bicycle Club
Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary
Michael & Julie Wetzler
Maurice & Sue White
Steve & Terri Widergren
1 donor who preferred not to be listed

Carl & Cynthia Asai, in memory of Dan Reberger
Sheila Bennett
Jan Bond
June Corrigan
Dean & Margery Dickinson
Ted & Roberta Divine
Jeff & Peggy Estes
John Forsberg
Kim, Richard, Jim, & Rob Fowler
Adam J. Fyall
Shannon Goodwin & Leslie Walker
Rich & Julie Hallen
John & Mary Hartman
Beverly & Linda Hayes
Kae & Pete Hopkins
Jerry & Mickey Hunacek
The Tim & Dawn Johnson Team: Brenda Birnbaum, Teresa Oliver, Audrey Tory, Jammie Horn, Ken Gadsden, Fran Sharpe, Amanda La Riviere, Lori Lindsey, Kirsten Kremer, Tim Johnson, Greg Bartel-Bailey, Marilyn Hayes, Jammie Horn, Cherie Baudrand, and D & J Comstock

The Marvin and Evans Team: Jacqueline Fernette, Nanette Walkley, Evelyn Walkley, Doug Evans, and Marla Marvin
Redford McDougall
Sally McFarlane & Nathaniel Beagley
Thomas Moak
Diane Molleson & John Jaffe
Gary & Julie Moore
Carol & Ken Moser
Rattlesnake Ridge Riders
Kathy Rightor
Mark Rockhold & Heidi Hampt
Loretta Rowlette
Same Day Nurses, in memory of Dan Reberger
Teri & Ron Seidl
Will & Maja Shaw
John & Martha Swedlund
Steve Wiegman
6 donors who preferred not to be listed

Able Body Massage
Agelita Abella
Virginia Allemann
Lance & Janelle Amato
Steve & Kristin Anderson
Craig Arola
TJ & PF Baranouskas
Nate & Elaine Ballou
Robert & Margaret Bass
David Beach
Matt Beck
Wright & Josie Beach
Mary Becker
Robert & Suzi Benedetti
Michel & Liliane Billaux
Cary Blackburn
Linda Boomer
Steve & Kristine Brey
Howard & Rebecca Browers
Ken & Ann Brown
Peter& Alexandra Brown
Dave & Liz Bryant
Marcy Buck
Richard & Bobbie Bull
J. Daria Burch & Frederick Raab
Andrea Burkhart
Dr. C. & Mrs. Burrows
John & Priscilla Butterfield
Alma & Herb Cahn
Barb Cheney
Robert Skip Claeson
Gail Clark
Paula Clark
Allison Cohen
John & Kathy Conrad
Adele Connors
Sunny & Bob Cook
Lynn Cooper
Steve & Sandy Cox
Janice & Mark Cozens
James & Gale Crawford
Jill Crawford
Kathy Criddle
Jim Curtis
Lee & Eunice Daniel
Jack & Murrel Dawson
Melissa DeHaan
Colleen Dionne-Newell
Ted & Roberta Divine
Larry Dodson
Brooke Dubois
Energy Solutions
John & Ruth Fabian
Jerome Fast
Mike & Mary Fayer
Connie & Reed Figley
Jim Fredrickson
Fun, Fit & Over 50 Club

Herbert Gamber
Dr. Kurt Glaesemann
Shannon Goodwin & Leslie Walke
Christina & Victor Gomez
Bryan & Barbara Gore
Victor & Christina Gomez
Walt Gray
Jason & April Green
Eric & Jan Greenwell
George & Darren Hagen v Jim & Stacy Hall
Greg & Suzie Hammer
Dan Hane
Ken & Nancy Hannah
Dawn Hansen
Sirri Hanson & Robert L. Drury
David & Patricia Harris
Sylvia Harris
Mary Hartman & Dave Sisk
Brian & Diana Hatchell
Michele Heinrichson
Henry & Gina Henrikson
Annie Hoppe
Mark Hunn
Sam & Terri Hurlbut
Inter-Mountain Alpine Club
Ron Iseminger
Lorelei Jacobs, in memory of Dan Reberger
Dan & Vicki Jordheim
Tracy Joseph
J & A Rock Delivery
Nancy & Narinder Kaushal
H.C. & Susan Kayser
Paul & Kendra Keller
Val & Paul Kenny
Marlene Kingman
Annabella Kleist
Michael Kloth
Charles Krause
Stan & Linda Kuick
Clarence & Norma Kummer
Dean Kurath & Karen Schuchardt
George P. Kyriazis
Katie Larson
George Last
The Lea Family
Morgen Lefeber
Bob & Lillian Leggett
Cassandra Leid
Larry & Carol Libby
Garth & Shannon Lien
Mike & Mary Lilga
Dan & Andrea Lind, in memory of Dan Reberger
Kevin Lindsey
Charles & Theresa Lo Presti
Kristie Lombardo

Joseph & Sula Louie
John Ludowise
Debi & Ja-Kael Luey
William MacFarlan
Graham MacLean
Timothy Mahoney
Jay Maidment
Jerry & Jerri Main
Gretchen & Clyde Makinson
Ilse Markowski
Melissa & Chloe McBurney
John McDonald
Steve & Amy McDuffie
Merrill Lynch, a matching gift for Kathleen Utz
Andy Miller
Patti Miner
Debbie Mix
Matt & Catherine Moeller
Jim & Nancy Montano
Stan & Sheila Moon
Judy Morrison & Don Stewart
O. Dennis Mullen & Karen Wieda
Monte Nail
Dorothea & Bob Narum
Rich & Darlene Nelson
Linoe & Elisabeth Niccoli
Jack Nichols
Larry & Maggi Nielsen
Jim & Faye Notch
David Orcutt
Herman Ott
Donna Paglieri
James & Sheryl Paglieri *
Gretchen Patterson
Lois Paul
Jeff Person
Lauren & Ryan Perrault
Scott Petersen & Regan Weeks
Lorrie Pfaff
Andrew Plymale
Ray & Martha Pope
Sally Ann & Robert Potter
Scott Petersen & Regan Weeks
J. Daria Burch & Frederick Raab
Emily M. Rauch
Gwen Rawlings
LeRoi & Eleanor Rice
Richland Industrial, Inc.
Gaylen Ringe
Kerry Ringer
Gaylen Ringer
Michael & Jan Rinker
Kathryn & John Risch
Joseph Rivera
Charles Rogers
Julia Robertson
Michael & Linda Robinson

Linda Rolfson
Clark & Pam Romine
Loretta Rowlette
Robin Rucker
Robert Runkle & Lauren Caslin
Joe & Britt Ryan
Michael Saran
Hank & Nancy Sauer
Stan & Nancy Schweissing
F. G. Shaffner
Jim Shurts
Ken & Juvy Simon
Daniel & Barbara Sisk
Dick Smith & Elaine Chapman
Linda Smith
Soroptimist International of Three Rivers
Nancy & Paul Stansbury
Sharon Steele
Dennis & Joy Stiles
Eugene, Elle, & Jon Strandberg, in memory of Dan Reberger
Darrell & Vanessa Strong
Clint Stuart
George Sudikatus
Dennis & Judy Sweeney
Sandra Talbott
Ray and Valerie Teller
Mary & Larry Thomas
Susan Thorson
Chuck & Maryann Timchalk
Gladys Trzcinski
Sue Turner
Janet Urza
Kathleen Utz
The VanSwams, in memory of Dan Reberger
Susan Varnum
John & Katherine Viita
Max Vogel
Les Walker & Shannon Goodwin
Susan Weber
Steve Weiss
Judith & Noel White
Sarah White
Steve Wildergren
Jordan Williams
Harold Williamson
Robert & Susan Winslow
Rose Marie Winters
Sandra Wollam
John & Marilyn Young
Sunny Young
Jerry Youngblood & Penny Colton *
Irene Yung
Glenn Zalubil
Roy & Carolyn Zingmark
28 donors who preferred not to be listed

Kathleen Abrams
Richard, Patricia & Stephen Badalamente
David Beach
Richard & Gillian Beck
Gina & Brad Begalka, in memory of Dan Reberger
Monique & Scott Beiswenger
JoAnn Bengtson
Llorene Bezanson
Gordon & Nancy Bopp
Sinar Bond
Harold & Rebecca Browers
Carole Byrd
Gerald & Rebecca Chiaramonte
Jake & Pamela Clark
Lynn Cleavenger
Patricia Cleavenger
Bill & Nell Cliff
Helen & Verle Coleman
Curtis Combs
David, Jen, Zoe, & Ryan Comstock
Maryse Couture
Kathy & Jim Criddle
Tom & Carrie DeForest
Brianna Divine
Tom & Kathy Dohman
Ben Dole
Duffy Family
George Fearing

Dorothea Ferris-Narum
David Fichtenberg
Mary & Rick Gardner
Garden Genies Garden Club
Kris Giraldin *
Elizabeth Grant
Richard & Loretta Grudt
Tim Grudt
Jim Hansen
Patricia Heasler *
Ruth & Mike Hickey
Jerry & Sharon Hickman
David & Barbara Holler, in memory of Dan Reberger
Richard & Patricia Holten
J.M. Horvak
Linda Jabara
Fern Jensen, in memory of Dan Reberger
Linda & Bob Johnson
Jay Jones
Nicole & William Keck
Tom Kimball
Adrienne King
Deborah & Gary Kleinknecht
Jim Lacey
Douglas C Larsen
Marji Leggett
Dave & Meg Lewis
Sally Lundgren

Babetta & Harold Maple
Kathleen McCadden, in memory of Dan Reberger
Dennis & Karen McOmber, in memory of Dan Reberger
Brett & Carol Menaker
Fred & Jackie Modrow
Betty Mohaupt
Kim Morris
Sarah Mothershead
Dorothea & Bob Narum
Karen Nelson
Jim & Beverly Noyce
Orrell Family
Mark & Connie Ottey
Jennifer Miller Paci
Susan & Dale Painter
Judy Pardee
Mary Lynne Peters
Bette & William Porath
Shawn Powell & Tina Choi
Robin & Mike Priddy
Sally & Paul Redmond, in memory of Dan Reberger
Beverly Reed
Ken & Alix Reeves
Gary & Ann Roberts
Donna Robinson
Charla & Michael Saranovich

Beverly Schroeder
Margie Seipt
Kathleen Sisson
Peter Smith
Deena Smith
Mark & Deena Smith
Jenny & Steve Sontag
Judy Spriggle
Stephanie Steadman
M. Jean Thompson
Audrey Tory
Margaret Ullman
Glen & Pam Upton
Tony & April Valdez
Courtney Wakeley
Teresa & Steve Wallenfels
E. Thomas Weber
Jim Weber
Elizabeth Weiss
Sandra Wierman
Jerry & Amy White
Janet Wolf
Sandra Wollam
Patrick & Victoria Woods
Pamela & Scott Woodward
Mrs. Jane C. WrightsmanJim Young
29 donors who preferred not to be listed

* denotes pledged donation
** denotes contribution of in-kind products or services

Original Badger Mountain Campaign (2003-2005)

Rudolph and Mary Ann Allemann
Elsa & Jay Augustenborg
Robert & Margaret Bass
David and Becky Bechtold
Debbie & Carl Berkowitz
Bruce Bjornstad & Diana Moeller
Robert S & Linda Claeson
Chinook Cycling Club, Inc
Leland and Eunice Daniel
Dean and Margery Dickinson
Jeanne and Mark Dillner
Betty & Max Freshley
Tom & Joni George
George & Marianne Grant
Sharon Grant
Grant Land Company
Alan and Linda Gunter
Bill Gurwell
Carol Gurwell
Richard and Mary Harrington
Mary Hartman
Mark Hoza & Cheryl Eiholzer
Inter-Mountain Alpine Club
Richard and June Jaquish
Bill and Becky Kennedy
Dr. Steven & Mary Kincaid
Kinion Excavation
Ice Age Flood Inst. – Lake Lewis Chapter
Rik & Janis Littlefield
John Ludowise

Lisa & Bing Manawadu
Linda and Will Matheison
Tom and Ann Steiger McClelland
Paul & Shirley Mellick
George Meriwether
Eric Meyer
Robert Lee Moore
Carla Chiotti & Chris Murray
Bruce Napier & Judith Bamberger
Chris Newbill
Barbara J Norris
Derek Peacock, MD
David C & Judith A Powell
Kent & Carol Richert
Bob & Mary Rieck
George and Giny Rieck
Bob and Nancy Rosselli
Fred and Chris Simonen
Dick Smith & Elaine Chapman
Roger & Claudette Stephens
Muriel Templeton
Wal-Mart Foundation (Richland store)
O. Dennis Mullen and Karen Wieda
Elane Beach and Craig Witte
John & Marilyn Young
2 donors who preferred not to be listed

Keith Alleman
Walter & Nancy Bainard
Dave and Chris Barker
Wyn Birkenthal
Leonard & Janet Bond
Rick Zangar and Kelly Bryan
Duane Horton and Mickie Chamness
Paula Clark
Mary and George Cooke
James R and Cynthia Dillman
Steven and Pamela Doctor
Chris and Nancy Doran
Eiholzer – Pangborn – Krell Family
Don Bihl and Susan Ennor
Linda Estes
Steven and Carmen Forsberg
Tom and Susan Goetz
Rich Hallen and Family
Gene & Lynn Hess
Mary Hollen
George Hunt
James & Celia Jamison

Tom & Debra Johnson
David and Beverly Kanyid
William & Gayle Kaune
Donald and Barbara Lanning
Pat McDaniel
Terre Mercier & Mark Tardiff
Ethan & Kristi Nelson
The Painters
Dirk Peterson
David Pfund
Olaf Rasmussen
Jon Renholds
Tapteal Greenway
Mary & Larry Thomas
Vista Engineering
Wal-Mart Foundation (Kennewick store)
Widergren Family
James & Barbara Wise
James Wood
David, Sharon & Jacob Wunschel
3 donors who preferred not to be listed

Partner Organizations

Benton County Commissioners and Benton County, Richland City Council and City of Richland, Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, The Trust for Public Land, Inter-Mountain Alpine Club, Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society


Jon Arp, Elsa & Jay Augustenborg, Debbie Berkowitz, Bruce Bjornstad, Kathy Criddle, Doug Gross, Mary Hollen, Tom & Debbi Johnson, Jim Langdon, Wanda Mar, Georganne O’Connor, Ian Roberts, Blanche Wood, David Wunschel, Patty Heasler, Karen Harvey-Nelson and Vicki Patten

Advisory Council

Frank Armijo, Bob Ferguson, Bill Lampson, Mike Lawrence, Sandy Matheson, Kris Watkins


Tri-City Herald, TRIDEC, Richland Chamber of Commerce, State Senator Jerome Delvin and Representatives Shirley Hankins and Larry Haler

Friends of Badger Mountain Committee

Sharon Grant and Mark Hoza, Co-Chairs, Bob Bass, Brad Benton, Mary Jo Coblentz, Cheryl Eiholzer, Karyn Hede, George Meriwether, Jeremy Michelson, Chris Simonen, Virginia Sliman, Roger Stephens, Joanne Stover

Preserving Badger Mountain is a joint project of the Inter-Mountain Alpine Club (I-MAC) and the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society (LCBAS). The Friends of Badger Mt would like to thank I-MAC and LCBAS for their support.

* denotes pledged donation
** denotes contribution of in-kind products or services