Candy Mountain Trail

In 2016, Friends of Badger Mountain acquired 195 acres on Candy Mountain near Richland, Washington to create a new wildlife preserve and continue expansion of the Badger Mountain trail system. This was achieved after raising $1.5 million for their Ridge Preservation and Trail Campaign,

During the fall of 2016, a vast team of volunteers, directed by trailmaster Jim Langdon, created the first trail on Candy Mountain. Updates about that work are listed at the bottom of the page. The video shows the trail as it was worked on, shown overhead from a drone.

The trail is officially open. You can find it on Google Maps by searching for Candy Mountain Preserve Trailhead or its address 71004 E 669 PR NE, Richland, WA 99352.

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Trail Work Involved...


Trail Work Updates

Update June 2017: The Candy Mountain Trail was officially opened on June 2nd, 2017. Enjoy the 1.7 mile gravel surface trail with moderate slope from the parking lot to the summit of Candy Mountain.

Update May 2017: The contractor has finished construction of the parking lot and the trail is open. We’re planning an official opening ceremony June 2nd.

Update April 2017: Benton County has contracted out the construction of the parking lot and completion is expected around the beginning of the month of May.

Update 12/04: Trail work was completed.

Update 11/27: The trail work team has continued making great progress. About 40% of the trail has been of the trail is complete with gravel. So far our team has used 5 truckloads of gravel with 4 more expected to arrive on Monday. The excavator team dug out the 1000 feet of rerouted trail and Sunday’s team cleaned up 800 feet of trail near the base of the mountain. 

Update 11/21: The trail work team continued making progress toward completing the new trail. Graveling began on Thursday and the team has spread two truckloads of gravel, completing 1500 feet of trail. The pace is slowing as each load has further to go. There’s 1600 more feet to go to reach the summit. The Chinook Bicycle Club also returned on Sunday to complete the improvements to the switchback corners.

Update 11/14: The trail work team made great progress this last week getting another 2000 feet of trail ready for gravel. The Chinook Bicycle Club also helped complete a tremendous amount of work on the last two switchback corners on Sunday. There’s about 1700 feet of pre-dug trail left to prepare for gravel, plus 1000 feet of trail to be relocated. If we can get some large sized work crews over the next few weeks, we have a chance of completing the trail before the winter weather stops us.

Update 11/07: The excavator team finished their work on Friday, November 4th, with the entire trail, except a short section, now dug. The trail work team has continued to make progress, clearing about 1200 feet of trail for gravel.

Update 11/01: The excavator team has continued making great progress on the rough digging for the new trail on Candy Mountain. They have just reached the summit and will now come back down the trail, finishing sections we originally skipped. The trail work team has cleaned, smoothed, and prepared for gravel about .6 miles of trail (about 35% of the trail’s complete length).

Update 10/27: The excavator team has made great progress digging out the new trail.  Over the weekend they blazed through a stretch of soft rock-free dirt.  We now have about 2200 feet left to go to get to the summit.

Update 10/22: The excavator operators have completed about a 1/2 mile of the 1 3/4 mile long trail. Work has slowed due to a number of large rocks in the way (click to view) . The hand work team is not far behind.

Update 10/17: The work on the new 1 3/4 mile Candy Mountain summit trail started last week and we only lost one day, Friday, due to the weather.  The excavator operators have completed the first 1/3 mile and the hand work has cleaned up about half of that.

2017 - Candy Mountain Preserve & Trail Dedication

2016 - Candy Mountain Trail