Latest on Candy Mountain Trailwork

Current Progress

Work has already begun on a brand new trail up Candy Mountain. Starting just off Dallas Road, extending to the summit of mountain, this will be a great new addition to our network of trails.

Update 10/22: The excavator operators have completed about a 1/2 mile of the 1 3/4 mile long trail. Work has slowed due to a number of large rocks in the way (click to view) . The hand work team is not far behind.

Update 10/17: The work on the new 1 3/4 mile Candy Mountain summit trail started last week and we only lost one day, Friday, due to the weather.  The excavator operators have completed the first 1/3 mile and the hand work has cleaned up about half of that.

Volunteers Needed

We’ve made progress, but we’re going to need more volunteers to get the job done.

To take part, first click the Contact Trailmaster button below and mention “add me to your trail work list.” This allows you to be informed when work parties will occur, easily let the trail master know when you’ll take part so he can prepare tools, plus you’ll stay informed about trail progress.

Volunteers are advised to bring gloves, snacks, water, and be dressed for the weather conditions. There is little work expected to be available for pre-teens and younger.

We look forward to getting this trail complete and every extra hand helps.

Update 10/22: We still need an operators helper on the afternoons of Nov. 3 and 4 plus either of the shifts on Nov. 8. Contact the trailmaster for further details.

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