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Dancing with the Tri-City Stars!Sharon Grant, co-founder of Friends of Badger Mountain, will be one of the dancers in "Dancing with the Tri-City Stars!" Dancers will be trained by the Utah Ballroom Dance Company who will put on a show the second half of the program.

Celebrate 10 years of the the Badger Mt Centennial Preserve — and learn what's in store for the next 10 years and beyond!

Wildflower WalksBecause of this year's early flower season the Wildflower Walk of June 14 has been canceled. This was the best wildflower season in recent memory.

Our missionpassionpurpose is to preserve our local ridges.


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The Ridge Preservation and Trail Campaign defines a shared community vision of creating a connecting system of trails across four of our local ridges – Little Badger, Badger, Candy, and Red Mountain. Now we have the opportunity to realize a critical step toward achieving this vision by acquiring 205 acres of Candy Mountain.

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