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The Candy Mountain Trail

We want to thank the 148 volunteers who came out to help us complete the 1.65 mile long trail on Candy Mountain. They worked 1700 hours over 41 work days, laying out 170 tons of gravel for the new trail. We also want to thank the Columbia Basin chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society for their work as well.

Note, the Candy Mountain trail is complete but will not open until a parking lot is built.

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Hiking in the Winter

With winter settling into the Columbia Basin, we want to remind you that the Badger Mountain trails are open – but not designed, nor regularly maintained, for winter use. Hiking or riding up the trails is at your own risk. Remember, many of the trails have steep grades and will be more difficult to navigate due to ice, snow, and mud.

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Volunteer for Future Trail Work

The fall trail work season might be over but there’s always another season ahead. If you want to volunteer in the future, please click the Contact Trailmaster button below and mentionĀ “add me to your trail work list.” This allows you to be informed when the next season of trail work begins.

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